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From Game Development and Design, Application Development, and Back-Office, our toolset and experience allows us to easily manage, a multitude of different products at once!


Our toolset, experience, and workflow allows us to easily manage a multitude of different products all at once. Need a cross platform application ranging from mobile to web to software applications? We got it!

Afraid of the dark, and what lurks in the night, Tommy never goes to bed without his night light on, knowing full well that they scare away all of the nightmares… However, one night, Tommy’s batteries ran out, and a scary creature of the night that feeds off the fears and scares of children found its opportunity! With the power of the moonlight, the creature sneaks in, to invade, but accidentally leaves some creation energy to teddy. Teddy awakes, and see’s Tommy in trouble, and without a second thought, goes in to Tommy’s dreams, to protect him from the nightmares that come!

Released On: 7/1/2017

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Dev Blog: Fraction Chef Summary

December 02 2019 by Sam Arminana


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Based in beautiful Orlando, Florida, the central hub for emerging technologies, we provide unriveled products by leveraging our ability to create beautiful experiences in a maltitude of platforms.

An experienced, and motivated development team passionate about software engineering. We have been in several industries, from healthcare, education, retail, and the gaming industry.

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