Our Objective

Unlocked Studios aims to create a true client centered development enviornment where the client can have as much control of the development as they desire. We focus on getting your needs met and providing a quality product that will exceed your expectations and give you a good feeling when using your product.

Our products will bring you into the new age of development. No longer will you recieve a 'technically' correct end-product, we will make sure that your product is responsive and prepared to handle the coming age with confidence.

Need work created for an existing product or want to integrate with existing code? No problem! We will work directly with your engineers to create a product that fits your development process and fits directly with your existing code base.

This is 2019, not 2008. Get an unrivaled upgrade on your user-experience

Our Developers

Co-Founder | Samuel Arminana | Orlando, FL

Self-taught young and determined software engineer, starting his programming career at 12 years old and recieving his first development contract at 14.

Systems Software Engineer at Electronic Arts, during Summer 2019 in Orlando working on the Madden franchise for console.

Professional full-time game development experience working with new technologies available on the Nintendo Switch including gyroscopes and accelerometers and experience bringing a product from initial development to the publishing state.

  • Game and Simulation Development
  • Backend Development
  • Web and Software Application Development
  • Networking Solutions

Co-Founder | Alex Moreno | San Diego, CA

Professional software developer with more than 7 years of experience, working with small and large companies providing flexible solutions for problems, ranging from vehicle product management tools, education backend development, to healthcare solutions.

Bachelors of Science (2013) Game and Simulation Programming.

  • Web and Software Application Development
  • Backend Development
  • Game and Simulation Development
  • Project Management

UnlockedStudios aims to create modern, quality, applications, that are simple, and easy to use.